Who am I?

I have been working as an SEO writer for more than 4 years as a freelancer. I help companies to increase their reach on GoogleAmazon, and Pinterest.

Digital nomad based in Madrid, I work in 3 languages y en every time zone for my clients. My job is to increase their reach, to help them appear like experts in their fields, and get more sales.

I love writing about tourism, gastronomy, animals, wellness, etc. I stop here because the list is pretty long 🙂

My values


What I love about SEO is that it is a combination of specific rules to be efficient and get concrete results.


I am allergic to cats, pollen, and lies. So I promise to be 100% transparent with my clients.


Understanding the target is essential to communicate the good information they need.

The steps of my freelance​ life

2018: I start working as a Social Media manager and Web writer freelance. I work in 3 languages, and 80% of my work is about social media.

2020: SEO writing and SEO translation are 50% of my work.

2021: the success of Tik Tok and the growth of Reels: social media are heading in a direction that I don’t like.

2022: I decide to become a 100% SEO writer (Google, Amazon, Pinterest).

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